Beyond One for One

We are committed to more than just Giving. Learn how
TOMS makes an impact beyond One for One®.

  • 700+ jobs supported by TOMS Giving Shoe production
  • 4 countries where 10 different styles of Giving Shoes are produced
  • 20+ companies with a social mission provided with startup funds by TOMS
  • 100 of TOMS coffee is sustainably sourced

How we invest

Five key ways that we're helping people and communities around the world to succeed.

  • Production

    We're helping create jobs by establishing manufacturing and sourcing in the countries where we give.

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    We're investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs using business to improve lives.

  • Investment

    Along our journey, we've built a Giving Team, supported eradication of diseases and launched cause-related shoes to support and raise money for organizations around the world.

  • Program Integration

    When TOMS Giving is incorporated into our Giving Partners' programs, we're contributing to an entire community's access to health, education and well-being.

  • Product Development

    Launching a new One for One giving product always starts with identifying a need.

I just helped a person in need by purchasing from TOMS. Join the movement.