June 13th, 2016 by TOMS

In January 2016, TOMS introduced The Tomorrows Project to our employees, giving them an opportunity to be ambassadors for good. Since it’s inception, we have seen an overwhelming response of new projects from sending kids to grief camp to refurbishing end-of-life laptops to donate to a local children’s non-profit.


What is The Tomorrows Project?
The Tomorrows Project is a unique program that TOMS Founder and Chief Shoe Giver Blake Mycoskie came up with to empower TOMS employees to become social entrepreneurs and ambassadors for good. We created a digital platform for employees to post their ideas (such as build a community garden, organize relief efforts for a natural disaster, send a student to science camp, etc.). Once a month, the entire TOMS global staff votes for their favorite idea and TOMS will fund (up to $10,000) one employee’s winning idea for a better tomorrow. This employee will receive up to two days off of work and administrative support to help fulfill their project. The Tomorrows Project launched January 2016 and has funded five projects to date.

Tomorrows House[1]

Why The Tomorrows Project?
Good ideas are worth investing in, and our hope with The Tomorrows Project is that we will empower individuals at TOMS to be innovative and make an impact. We’ve found the two things that prevent people from giving back are time and money, and The Tomorrows Project aims to eliminate those barriers. While our employees have the opportunity to go on a Giving Trip every few years to experience how TOMS gives, The Tomorrows Project champions employees to be entrepreneurial and bring their world-changing ideas to life.